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GeishaVi is a veteran Cosplayer, Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist, Stylist, Costume Designer and Stage Performer located in New York City. She’s performed and modeled in cosplay and alternative fashion for over 10+ years and her various work has been featured locally and internationally.


GeishaVi been a cosplay guest for multiple conventions in the United States, such as Anime Tosho-con, Castle Point Anime, and New York Comic Con, and has crossed the border to perform at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in Alberta, Canada.

An active body positive, diversity, anti-harassment and LGBTQPIA+ (lesbian, gay,
bisexual, transgender, queer, pansexual, intersex and ally) advocate; GeishaVi has spoken at many panels across North America, bringing people together and teaching them to be a supportive influence in their communities. She is very passionate about helping others overcome their fears and insecurities so they too can enjoy life to the fullest. She also enjoys networking with new people while sharing her love of fashion, music, cats and anime!

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